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A collection of eight large fold out coloured maps published in a bound book form

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The Melbourne Study Report is a series of volumes describing the physical nature of the land and its environment, examines the likely forms of land use, and assesses the hazards associated with these uses. This is Volume 2 (coloured maps). The first page featues a black and white map described as "Shire of Diamond Valley" with public land marked in yellow. Followed by eight large fold out maps. Melbourne Study Area Public land and descriptive blocks, Population description, Geology, Physiography, topography and rainfall, vegetation and water supply. The Land Conservation Act 1970 established the Land Conservation Council whose functions is to "carry out investigations and make recommendations to the Minister with respect to the use of public land in order to provide for the balanced use of land in Victoria. This report sets out to describe and assess the natural resources of the public lands in the Melbourne area and provides a factual basis on which members of the community may base submissions to the [Land Conservation] Council of Victoria.