Historical information

Four folders containing an Engineering Design Part II Project. Each has detailed written information and drawings.
No.1: To design an Extruder Addition to the hydraulic press in the plate shop to enable it to be used as an extruding press to operate on materials similar in behaviour to a wax.
No. 2: To design a flywheel of uniform strength of not less than 25 feet.
No 3: To design cams, valve gear and inlet and exhaust valves for a 6 cylinder truck engine.
No 4: To design an experimental brown coal autoclave for drying brown coal in 10 kilogram lots.

Jack chose to do Engineering while still at Footscray Technical School as it gave access to Diploma Courses and tertiary studies. This enabled him to enter the University of Melbourne and do a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering - 1945, 1946, and 1947.
In 1948 he did a Diploma in Education at Melbourne University. From this path he was able to follow a career in teaching and his first appointment was at the School of Mines in Ballarat, (SMB) 1949. He became the first Vice Principal of SMB in 1960 and then Principal in 1964 to 1976. From 1976 to his retirement in 1987, he was the Foundation Director of Ballarat College of Advanced Education (BCAE). The Library building at Mount Helen Campus is named after him.

Physical description

Four manila folders with design assessment in each. Each folder has written descriptions and detailed drawings.