Historical information

Used for storing various threads for mending in the home - cotton, silk, wool nylon.

Physical description

A decorated brown lidded round container coated inside with black and brown type lacquer. The outside of the container and lid has patterns painted by hand in yellow and red of a bird, ying and yang symbols and oriental script all surrounded in black lined sections. It appears to be made from papier-mache which is layers of cardboard glued together and tightly compressed. This can be seen by the damage sections which grey cardboard shows though. It would have been lacquered over and painted. The container has a variety of sewing items and mending threads for stockings, socks and other work. Some pearl buttons included.

Inscriptions & markings

As mentioned above, the container has various patterns painted on it. The sewing items include brands of threads for sewing work - Darneezi, Eagley, Rite Tone, Clark's Filosheen,Chadwick's Wool and Nylon, Nylusta.