Historical information

The handmade basket has a variety of pieces of vintage sewing items as listed in the detailed Description. These would have been used in the home for repairs as well as pieces sewn. Mrs Pratt owned the sewing basket and it's contents - she lived in Beenak Road, Wandin, Victoria.

Physical description

An open rectangular shaped cane woven sewing basket with three bands of green and tan raffia woven around the sides. It had a lid which is missing but there is one twisted wire loop where the lid would have been attached. Inside are various pieces of vintage sewing items including; large and small cotton reels with cotton thread, very small cotton cardboard reels with thread, plastic container of pins, a handmade wooden darning mushroom, a brightly coloured tin of pins and needles, two short zips, a piece of embroidery material stamped with a pansy pattern to sew, a Birch brand packet of sewing needles, a Delyta brand "Nu-Bras" Brassiere Repair Set, two "Mendex" Cuff Savers for Men's Trousers, a Happy Home Needle Book with a few needles, and a paper pattern for Cross Stitch.

Inscriptions & markings

See above for the brands and details of the sewing items included in the basket.