Physical description

Black and white photo showing a group of people on the spillway of Belgrave Reservoir (at the time in the Belgrave Autocamp which is now called Belgrave Lake Park). The photo is taken from a person in a boat, the prow of which is visible at the bottom of the image. Three older boys are crouched to the left of the image. All are wearing shorts, shirts, and shoes with long socks, and two have pullovers. In the middle of the photo is a man with three children. The man is crouching. The children are in a huddle. To the right of the image are two adults standing on the spillway. The person on the right is male but the other's gender is uncertain. Between them and the children is what looks like a large portable radio. Behind the group is a heavily treed area which includes three or more white-trunked trees close to the spillway. In the distance is a white house with a verandah running across the front. This house belonged to Laura (surname unknown) before WW2. The house appears to be (now) 30 Judkins Ave.The photo has a white border and on the back is printed '1627'. It probably dates to the 1940s and is part of a collection of family photos donated by Pam Harris, Shire of Sherbrooke President, 1982-3 & 1987-1988.