Physical description

Black and white photo showing three adults and two children with a horse and cart. Mr Archibald William Muirhead, of 7 Colby Drive, Belgrave Heights (then called Glen Rd) stands to the left of the cart with his left hand resting on the wheel and his right hand on his hip. His left leg is crossed in front of his right leg. He is wearing a light-coloured suit. Sitting in the cart are two women and a boy and a girl. The girl is Pam Harris. They are on a dirt road with trees on either side. Behind them is a cleared area with more trees in the background. The photo was taken on Glen Road close to Monbulk Creek. On the back of the photo is printed '1627'. It probably dates to the 1940s and is part of a collection of family photos donated by Pam Harris, Shire of Sherbrooke President, 1982-1983 & 1987-1988.