Physical description

Black and white photo of Terry Smith, Pam Harris's younger brother, aged about 6 or 7, during the building of a septic tank for the caretaker's house at Belgrave Lake Park. Terry is sitting in a concrete mixer. On the ground are bags of concrete. A pile of sand is on a tarpaulin. Behind Terry there are shrubs and small trees and behind them are tall trees on a steep hillside. The Belgrave Reservoir is at the bottom of the slope. A house can be seen in the distance, possibly the house visible in B0399. Terry and Pam's father, Oscar Smith, built the caretaker's house, selling it in 1960 for £1250. The photo probably dates to the 1940s and is part of a collection of family photos donated by Pam Harris, Shire of Sherbrooke President, 1982-1983 & 1987-1988.