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Kewriosity was a local newsletter combining Kew Council and community news. It was published between November 1983 and June 1994, replacing an earlier Kewriosity [broad] Sheet (1979-84). In producing Kewriosity, Council aimed to provide a range of interesting and informative articles covering its deliberations and decision making, together with items of general interest and importance to the Kew community and information not generally available through daily media outlets.

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Can you keep our wheels turning [Meals on Wheels] / p1. Council elections / p1. Dates for July / p2. For the nimble fingered [Bicentennial tapestry] / p2. Traffic management update / p2. Commentary / Cr Jim Tutt p3. Ways to donate to Kew Library / p3. An apology [skateboarding] / p3. Notices p4. News from the Friends [of Kew Library] / p4. Community Recreation / p4. Child care for 3-5 year olds [Belford Oaks] / p4. [Kew] Philharmonic's second concert for the year / p4. Community education [MLC] / p4. Time capsule [Kew Bicentennial Committee] / p4. Pregnancy support [Caroline Chisholm Society] / p4. Senior Citizens at HKC ready to roll [Hawthorn-Kew-Camberwell Activities Centre] / p5. Community planting of urban forest [Stradbroke Park] / p5. May celebration for two old lions [Noel Lyell, Bert Stevens] / p5. Kew Community House / Judy Price p6. Do you know about EASE? / p6. Brush up your skills at Swinburne / p6. Integration through recreation for disabled / p7. 100th birthday for St Hilary's / p7. Footy News [Kew Football Club] / p8. Learn to ski or improve your skiing skills / p8. Keeping you informed [Kew Citizens’ Advice Bureau] / p8. More wins for Kew [Citizens'] Band players / p8. Good gardening / Bruce Schroder p8.