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Kewriosity was a local newsletter combining Kew Council and community news. It was published between November 1983 and June 1994, replacing an earlier Kewriosity [broad] Sheet (1979-84). In producing Kewriosity, Council aimed to provide a range of interesting and informative articles covering its deliberations and decision making, together with items of general interest and importance to the Kew community and information not generally available through daily media outlets.

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School's in at Kew Council [Deepdene Primary School; Sacred Heart Primary School; MLC] / p1. Who reads Kewriosity? [survey] / p1&8. Dates for April / p2. [Community] Notices / p2&8. Update - Notes from Council - Commentary [Local Government; Australian Constitutional Convention] / p3. Some spare hours to fill?? [Kew Community Bus] / p3. Traffic management / p3. In Brief [Concern over outdoor advertising; Fenced in for safety - Denmark Street Infant Welfare Centre; The latest on Safeway] / p4. Profile - Cr Chester Keon-Cohen / p4. The Gladstone College saga: Part 3 / p5. They call her "Amazing Grace" [Grace Chambers] / p5. Kew Community House [Migrant English; Photocopier; Term II] / Rhonda McCaw p6. Kew families needed [Inner East Foster care] / p6. Ramblings of Kew's last cowboy - First of a new series of articles by Bill Stent [Dairy farms] / Bill Stent p7. Care-Force needs new financial supporters / p7. Footy news [Kew Football Club] / p8.