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Kewriosity was a local newsletter combining Kew Council and community news. It was published between November 1983 and June 1994, replacing an earlier Kewriosity [broad] Sheet (1979-84). In producing Kewriosity, Council aimed to provide a range of interesting and informative articles covering its deliberations and decision making, together with items of general interest and importance to the Kew community and information not generally available through daily media outlets.

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Household garbage collection / p1. Come and try - recreation for all [Kew Recreation Integration Group Incorporated] / p1. Rates reminder / p1. Dates for December/January / p2. Christmas Services / p2. [Kew] Conservation Study / p2&7. Carols by Candlelight [Alexandra Gardens] / p2. Commentary / Cr Allen Martin / p3. Summer holiday awareness [Kew Neighbourhood Watch] / p3. [Council] Meeting dates / p3. Christmas cards / p3. [Kew Community] Bus volunteers / p3. Christmas celebrations at Cotham Village / p4. Kew Lions [Club] News / p4. Teenage Holiday Program / p4. Music bookings [Music in the Round] / p4. 'Senior' exhibitors wanted [Senior Citizens’ Centre] / p4. Bicentennial beanstalk - and Jack [Hartwell Players] / p5. Mature aged students find TAFE supportive / p5. Bicentennial Christmas celebrations / p5. New [Kew Community] Directory for families with children / p5. Kew Community House / Judy Price p6. Children's holiday programs / p6. 25 years for local CWA / p6. Bowls notes [Kew Ladies' Bowls team] / p6. Musical comedy players wanted [Viola Musical Comedy Society] / p6. Long history for local bank [National Australia Bank, National Bank of Australasia] / p7. Special camps for young asthmatics / p7. Keeping you informed [Kew Citizens’ Advice Bureau] / p8. Music for children / p8. Better access to gardens for disabled [Alexandra Gardens] / p8. [1989] Kew Festival / p8.