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Kewriosity was a local newsletter combining Kew Council and community news. It was published between November 1983 and June 1994, replacing an earlier Kewriosity [broad] Sheet (1979-84). In producing Kewriosity, Council aimed to provide a range of interesting and informative articles covering its deliberations and decision making, together with items of general interest and importance to the Kew community and information not generally available through daily media outlets.

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Celebrating 125 years / p1. Happy anniversary Kew! / p1. Dates for December / p2. [Community] Notices / p2. Christmas Services / p2. Update: Notes from Council [Local Government restructure] / Cr Phyllis Hore [Mayor of Kew] p3. Traffic management / p3. In Brief [Heavy traffic - Kew Traffic School; Yarra Bend contribution; Prospect Hill [Hotel]; Money for Mexico; Improvements to Willsmere Park; Senior Citizens' Week; Safeway go-ahead; Community Bus; Dawn patrol for dogs; Public Meeting for North Ward residents] / p4. 125th Anniversary supplement [graphic collage] / p5. Kew becomes a municipality / p6. "Ma Dalley" / p6. History of Kew Library / Alex Tarr [City Librarian] p6. [Historic] Kew dates / p7. Kew's Crest / p6. The Outer Circle revisited / Joan Barrett p6. Getting the news to Kew [Chronological history of Kew newspapers] / p8-9. Of Councils past [What rubbish ...; Kew by moonlight; Evil practices; All quiet on the Council front; Things change?; In the marketplace; Kew goes it alone; No cows for Kew; Voting is compulsory; In the beginning ...] / p10. Finding out about our history / p10. From the old "Rec" to the new Recreation Centre / p11. Kew's history in houses - your guide to style and period / p12. 'Ow Commissioners catered for Kew [poem] /p12. Welcome Councillor Timms / p13. Govt grant for Recreation Centre / p13. Volunteers needed for Kew Meals on Wheels / p13. Holday programs / p13. Kew Community House [Rhonda (McCaw) takes over; We're expanding!; Volunteer Child Care workers; Suggestion box; T.O.P. at the house; Christmas break-up] p13. Why Kew? p13. Youth Page [Making the most of the holidays; What does Christmas mean to you? Holiday program] / p13. 1888 Organ restoration recalls Kew businessman [Alfred Fuller] / p14. The Citizens' Advice Bureaux needs new volunteers / p14.