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The Kewriosity Sheet (1979-83) was first published in the City of Kew (Victoria) in June 1979 as a two-sided 'community newssheet'. It aimed to: 'share news about Kew happenings and Kew people, and to exchange ideas about living in Kew'. Later issues gradually evolved into a 4-page, quarto sized publication. The Kewriosity Sheet was superseded by the Kew Council publication 'Kewriosity' (1983-1994).

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What's doing in Kew for October / p1. Keeping Kew beautiful [Parks and Gardens: Alexandra Gardens - Kew; Kew Garden Club; Willsmere Park; Victoria Park; Eglinton Reserve] / p1. Your news is good news / p1. Got some spare time [Henry Pride] / p1. Young people's club [Fitzwilliam Street People's Church] / p1. Fun and fellowship [Kew Uniting Church Youth Group] / p1. Learn to swim next year! / p1. Bring your orchid [Kew Garden Club] / p2. Retired and looking for something to do? [Kew Elder Citizens] / p2. Your help needed [The Kewriosity Sheet] / p2. [Aphorisms] / p2. Songs my mother sang / p2. Recreation courses / p2. Multiple Sclerosis Unit / p2. You you get ideas? [East Kew Uniting Church] / p2. E.P.R.G. (Early Planning for Retirement Group] / p2. Mum - It's for you! / p2. Action for the handicapped / p2. Biggest rug in the world / p2. Council News [City Hall Bookings; Town Planning; Unburnable rubbish; Family Day Care Scheme; Community Occupational Therapist; Kew Community Directory; Come meet your Mayor (Cr Kaye Cole) / p2. Do it yourself duplicating [Copy Shop] / p2. Meals on - tables [Kew Elderly Citizens' Club] / p2.