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The Kewriosity Sheet (1979-83) was first published in the City of Kew (Victoria) in June 1979 as a two-sided 'community newssheet'. It aimed to: 'share news about Kew happenings and Kew people, and to exchange ideas about living in Kew'. Later issues gradually evolved into a 4-page, quarto sized publication. The Kewriosity Sheet was superseded by the Kew Council publication 'Kewriosity' (1983-1994).

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Kew Baptist Church expands youth ministry / p1. Family and Community Services programme [F.A.C.S.] / p1. Kew Lioness Club / p1. Easter Day sunrise service / p2. Kew Philharmonic Orchestra [programme] / p2. What's doing in Kew for April / p2&3. Ballroom dancing in Kew cha-cha-cha [Bernardo's Dance Studio] / p3. The Copy Shop / p3. Scrabble / p3. Hyde Park Fellowship [Hyde Park Uniting Church] / p3. Kew Garden Club / p3. Very ancient history [geology] / Barbara Giles p4. Native Plant Group / p4. They help their fellow citizens [Citizens Advice Bureau] / p4. Kew Chess Club / p4.