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The Kewriosity Sheet (1979-83) was first published in the City of Kew (Victoria) in June 1979 as a two-sided 'community newssheet'. It aimed to: 'share news about Kew happenings and Kew people, and to exchange ideas about living in Kew'. Later issues gradually evolved into a 4-page, quarto sized publication. The Kewriosity Sheet was superseded by the Kew Council publication 'Kewriosity' (1983-1994).

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Rotary Club of Kew 7th Annual Art Show / p1. Kew Recreation Program: Term Two (courses) / p1. Kew Kite Club / p1. R.A.A.V. (Rheumatism and Arthritis Association of Victoria) / p2. Daytime Garden Club / p2. Hyde Park Fellowship (Hyde Park Uniting Church) / p2. Community Aid Abroad / p2. Uniting Church East Kew (calendar of events) / p2. Native Plant Group / p2. Luncheon / p2. School Holiday Program / p3. Kew Holiday Program 10-17 years / p3. Drop In Centre (Sacred Heart School) / p3. Kew Traffic School / p3. Playcentre (St Paul's School for the Blind) / p3. Toddler Playgroups (Uniting Church of Kew) / p3. Mobile New Games Trailer / p4 Sports Coaching: Tennis/Football / p3. History on a postcard / Barbara Giles (Lawrie Kohlmayer; postcard history) / p4. Kew Library / p4. Dinner & Music (Kew Uniting Church) / p4. Evening Mission Group (Kew Uniting Church) / p4. Kew Garden Club / p4.