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The Kewriosity Sheet (1979-83) was first published in the City of Kew (Victoria) in June 1979 as a two-sided 'community newssheet'. It aimed to: 'share news about Kew happenings and Kew people, and to exchange ideas about living in Kew'. Later issues gradually evolved into a 4-page, quarto sized publication. The Kewriosity Sheet was superseded by the Kew Council publication 'Kewriosity' (1983-1994).

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Easter at Kew Library / p1. Easter Services / p1. Hyde Park Fellowship (Hyde Park Uniting Church) / p1. Easing the loneliness of language (Migrant Education; Adult literacy) / p1. The Park Reserve of Boroondara [James Bonwick; Studley Park) / Barbara Giles p2. Save the Children Fund / p2. Kew Garden Club / p2. North Kew Playgroup / p2. Kew Citizens' Advice Bureau / p2. East Kew Uniting Church (calendar of events) / p3. Kew Self Help Group / p3. Treasure and Trash sale / p3. Family and Community Services programme (F.A.C.S.) / p3. Exercise: the rhythmic way (Rosemary Smart) / p3. Native Plant Group / p3. Day Centre for elderly people / p3. Building confidence through movement (Rosemary Smart) / p3. Drivers or non-drivers - do you live in this part of Kew? (Meals on Wheels; Volunteering) / p4. Community Aid Abroad / p4. Kew Philharmonic Society / p4. Call for new members - Merlan Voluntary Services / p4. Scrabble / p4. Easter Service (East Kew Inter Church Council) / p4. Anyone for hockey? / p4.