Historical information

This volume of maps is believed to have been compiled by staff at the Shire of Bacchus Marsh and was presumably used to inform and assist Shire staff and Councillors in the carriage of their duties.


This collection of maps are significant due to their rarity as many of them are unique maps made for local purposes in the Bacchus Marsh region. They are also of strong research value containing a wide variety of information including landholders, land sales, infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, public, commercial and private buildings, houses, land use, and geographic features over multiple decades from the late nineteen century into the middle part of the twentieth century.

Physical description

One bound volume of maps comprising cadastral maps, (indicating property owners and land boundaries), land plans and real estate auction plans and advertising material, and other maps indicating major infrastructure like proposed roads and irrigation areas. Most of the maps and plans are of Bacchus Marsh and nearby areas but some maps are of nearby towns such as Melton, Ballan and Blackwood. The volume comprises 52 pages. Most pages have a single map or plan pasted onto it but some contain 2 or 3 different maps. There are 81 maps in total.

Map 1 Liquidators Sale 1896.
Map 2. Woodside Estate Sale 1913.