Historical information

These tea warmers were used to keep the teapot warm when it was filled with tea, hence the name. This one was owned and used by Mrs M Larer, New Gisborne "Elderslie" in the 1920's.

Physical description

A silver plated round single burner tea warmer with a removable top grid with five support arms. It has a retractable metal 'wick' operated by turning a small round flat knob attached to the side. This knob is joined to the 'wick' with a long silver rod on the outside of the mechanism so the operator does not burn their fingers. The reservoir has two curved small handles on the side and an ornate filigree style pattern at the top rim. Inside the 'wick' section there is also a small knob with a tiny hole in the top to turn which releases pressure in the reservoir.

Inscriptions & markings

stamped on the base is 'EPNS A1 London'