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Friends of Kurth Kiln Worri Yallock, Victoria

A group of volunteers under the auspices of Parks Victoria, caring for our environment and promoting greater public awareness of the cultural heritage of Kurth Kiln and its significance in Australian history

Contact Information

Post Office Box 169 Worri Yallock Victoria 3139 (map)
+61 (03) 5967 4201


Opening Hours

The Caretaker's Residence and kiln premises are open to the public by appointment only, so if you or your group are interested in learning more about this historical site, please contact Alfred and Ursula who will arrange to open the facilities and tell you more about it.

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Kurth Kiln Regional Park Worri Yallock Victoria

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Computer Catalogue of Portable Cultural Artefacts found on site at the Kurth Kiln Heritage Site.

Alfred 22 May 2016 12:45 PM

Very well done, Victorian Collections, informative and attractive!

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Tusons Gas Producer Unit

Friends of Kurth Kiln, Worri Yallock

A commercially made cast iron unit with a solid round hopper/boiler on a steelframe base. It has a pressure-cooker lid and a car type radiator. Solid built, but rust affected in parts

Historical information

In conversation with Mr Tibbett we found out that he obtained this particular unit at an auction in Sydney and brought it home with the intention of one day getting it going again. 'One day' never seemed to come, so he decided to let us have it for our display, rather than jjust collecting dust in his shed.


This unit is again of a different manufacturer and construction, highlighting the versatile nature of charcoal producer gas and its applications.

Inscriptions & Markings

Make: Tysons Cross Draught Model: Official 30hp Heavy Duty Serial: 1368

Pederic Gas Producer

Friends of Kurth Kiln, Worri Yallock

A Gas Producer Unit that converted charcoal into a gas suitable for the combustion engine. Used on motor vehicles during WWII petrol rationing restrictions. It consists of a hopper to hold the charcoal and a firebox to generate the gas

Historical information

The Unit was picked up from a paddock on a farm in Bagshot, near Bendigo. It was donated to the Friends of Kurth Kiln Heritage Collection by the Family of Cyril H Peatling on 23 December 2006.


Gas Producer Units are of significance to Kurth Kiln because they demonstrate the enduse of the charcoal that was created at Kurth Kiln. Considerable documentation has been made available to us on its history, including a picture of the truck is was mounted on.

Inscriptions & Markings

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