Historical information

President's overview of the year including: the sadness of retiring dogs, opposition by the Hard Headed Group to the approved application for use of 12-12a and 18 Thanet Street as places of instruction, extra work required by an FOI application, lack of suitable puppies experienced, welcome back to Mrs Chandler, Michael Riley and Russell Wills, and farewell to Ralph Church and Margaret McDonald, closure of hostel at 384 Wattletree Road due to lack of ability to staff, life governorships awarded to Marianne and Brian Davenport, resignation of Sir Rammond Garrett and death of Hon. T.W. Mitchell, both Foundation Members. Articles on the Kurzweil Reading Machine, Queensland branch report, tribute to Tilly Aston, article from The Age on how Seeing Eye dogs have helped James Allerdyce and Ansett ANA worker Judith Barczak fundraising to pay for a dog.

Physical description

1 volume with text and illustrations