Historical information

President's overview of the year including: discussion about the government investigation and those who gave negative testimony, withdrawal of Government's case and clearance of accusations, full disclosure of Terms of Settlement, inaccurate comparisons made with Kew facility, reflection on how investigations were conducted, resignation of Greg Cooper due to harassment by investigators, opening of a handicraft and rehabilitation centre in Annerley, article on Alf Kemmel and his involvement with the breeding program, mini profiles of some people with their dogs, 12 people graduated this year, request for more homes for breeding dogs, enlargement of day centre, and purchase of goodwill of St Leeor Nursing Home (freehold bought in 1985) to extend nursing home facilities to blind and visually impaired. Annual Report for Guide Dog Owners and Friends Association is also included with list of committee members, net surplus, auditor's report, biographical notes of Executive Director and Facts about Lady Nell Seeing Eye Dog School and Rehabilitation Centre.

Physical description

1 volume with text and illustrations