Historical information

President's overview of the year including: the beginnings of the school at Wonga Park, Arthur McKay being the first person to receive a dog, the scarcity of funds after training the first dog and the joy of receiving the first substantial donation from the Sunshine Foundation Trust, opposition from some quarters, Kim Gration and Dennis Gration involvement with the school, the work of Pat Mallaney in Tasmania, support and assistance from vet Dr Rowan Blogg, opening the activity centre in 1962, seeing eye dog trainer Judy Oakenfell, the sale of Wonga Park and transfer to Malvern, threats to dismiss Harold Gration working due to involvement with the school, overview of growth of Queensland branch, working with Jeff Mowat who developed the Mowatt sensor, training of people around Australia and from New Zealand, return of 'Stacey' from Singapore due to not being accepted on public transport, restaurants, etc, diverse age range of people trained, less people volunteering, loss of 3 auxiliaries due to lack of members, and opening of shop and welfare centre in Cairns.

Physical description

1 volume with text and illustrations