Historical information

Zelda Martin was a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne.

Physical description

[.1] Twenty-seven page article on Victorian goldfields town. The article was written during the author's PhD study. It outlines the context methodology, and resources and the chapters of the proposed thesis: (1) Central Victorian Goldmining Towns - The Context (2) Contemporary Views of the Factors Necessary for Town Growth (3) Outward Manifestations of Town Growth (4) The Trappings of Government (5-9) The Main Towns and Their Hinterland.

[.2] Chapter 1 of proposed thesis titled 'Pick, Shovel and Tin Dish Mining.' Covers in Section A: Central Victoria - Pre 1851: Aborigines in Central Victoria, Squatters, and Government. Section B: The years 1851-1854: The Early Gold Rushes, Government Reaction, Township Surveys, Legislation, Town Development, Local Government and Early Settlement.

[.3] Chapter 2A of proposed thesis titled 'Contemporary Views of the Factors Necessary for Town Growth'. Similar information to Chapter 1 plus extra re towns and maps. Sections: Introduction, Context of Place - Geographical Towns Listed, The Context of Time - Pre1851 Aborigines, Governance of Port Phillip, The Squatters, The Villages of Central Victorian Highlands, Conclusion, Condensed Version of Chapter2B.

[.4] Chapter2B of proposed thesis. Sections: Area of Research, Schools, Banks, Newspapers, Progress Association, Town Development - Sandhurst (Bendigo), Ballarat, Castlemaine,, Maryborough, Ararat and Stawell.

[.5] Chapter3 of proposed thesis titled 'Outward Manifestations of Town Growth'. Sections: Introduction, Contemporary Writing, Educationalists, The Bankers, The Townsfolk, Current Theory, General Theories of Urban Development, and Conclusion.

[.6] Chapter 4 of proposed thesis titled 'Trappings of Government' Sections: Introduction, Early Government Attitudes to Mining and Town Development, Law and Order, Township Surveys, Legislation, Local Government, Transport and Communication, The People and Lobbyists.

[.7] 'The Rise and Fall of Central Victorian Goldmining Towns'. Includes a map showing main Goldfields, a table showing towns and villages at two points in time - 1857 and 1871; a Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources.

[.8] Resource No1. Black display book titled Local Towns 1:
Bendigo (Sandhurst):
* 'Family History at the Bendigo Library - 1851-2001 150 years of gold'.
*Three articles published by Buninyong and District Historical Society Inc: (Magpie Exploration; Finding Gold In The Green Hills; Magpie Exploration; Burnt Bridge to Cargarie to Mt Mercer)
*Castlemaine Directory 1865-1866
*Pamphlet - 'Castlemaine District Community Hospital' - Snippets of history.....1853-1978
*Folded Poster titled 'Castlemaine "The Great Centre" 1866
*Map and information detailing 'The Dry Diggings Track' - a 55km walk among historic goldfields relics
*Booklet - "Creswick Cemetery Walk"
*Booklet - The Buried Rivers of Gold Heritage Trail Creswick
*Creswick Historical Museum Information Sheet
*Chronological History of Creswick
* History of Creswick Schools
*100 Years of Railway Travel in Creswick
*William Guthrie Spence
*Creswick State Forest
*Creswick District News, Issue 7, July August 1999
*Information and Map - The Creswick Miners Walk
*Historic Creswick Walking Tour
*The Berry Deep Leads
*The New Australian Mine and the 1882 Disaster
*Map of Steiglitz
*List of maps relevant to Steiglitz history
*Information 6 tables of data from "Reports of Mining Surveyors
*Chronological Reference to Taradale Mines
*Water - The Coliban System of Waterworks
*Joseph Brady
*The Syphon

[.9] Black display book titled Local Towns Cont. 2:
*Langi-Morgala Museum

*Avoca The Early Years
*Historic Avoca - A 5.5km Tour