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Victoria Police Museum Docklands, Victoria

From the largest collection of Kelly Gang armour in Australia to forensic evidence from some of Melbourne's most notorious crimes, the Victoria Police Museum presents visitors with an intriguing insight into the social history of policing and crime.

Contact Information

637 Flinders Street Docklands Victoria 3008 (map)
+61 (03) 9247 6354


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.

Entry Fee

Gold coin donation.


Mezzanine Level World Trade Centre Siddeley Street Docklands Victoria

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This collection is housed in the Victoria Police Museum, located in the World Trade Centre on Flinders Street in Melbourne’s CBD. It focuses on three elements: Police Archives, General Policing Equipment, and Crime. The extensive collection includes many items reflecting the social history of policing in Victoria, such as the largest collection of Kelly Gang armour in Australia, early police uniforms, police equipment and weapons, memorabilia relating to shady underworld figures lurking around Melbourne’s streets in the 1920s (including ‘Squizzy’ Taylor), the remains of the car used in the Russell Street headquarters bombing, and the latest forensic technologies. Archival materials include Victoria Police service records dating from 1853, crime scene photographs; official police documents such as criminal files and original evidence from some of Melbourne’s most notorious criminal cases.


This collection documents the history of the Victorian Police Force, and its impact on and contributions to the lives of Victorians and Australians. It also provides insights into the nature of crime, the experiences of police and victims, and to the broader social and political consequences of crime and policing.

Jenny Baker 22 January 2020 1:53 PM

I was involved with the 1969 Victoria Police Courtesy Rally. Do you have any information or images from that event please?

Jennifer McNair 22 January 2020 3:21 PM

Hi Jenny, Thank you for getting in touch. Please contact us at [email protected] with all the details you have. Our research officer will be able to help with your query. Looking forward to hearing from you. Victoria Police Museum

Helen Richardson 27 May 2020 7:44 PM

I was wondering about the photo of Daniel Delaney, a Kelly supporter. Was he the Daniel Delaney from Wangaratta, son of John & Mary Delaney or a Daniel Delaney from Greta son of Daniel Joseph Delaney?

Helen Richardson 1 June 2020 1:46 PM

Is there a document in the collection from the Beechworth hearing of the Kelly sympathisers showing their details

[email protected] 1 June 2020 1:57 PM

Hi Helen, Thanks for commenting on our collections page. Please send an email with your questions to our enquires address [email protected] Our Research Officer will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that we are on restricted hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic so this may take longer than usual.

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Oral History - Chief Inspector Bryan Kelly

Victoria Police Museum, Docklands

Digital archive of oral history of former Chief Inspector Bryan Kelly. Cut for exhibition purposes.

Historical information

Bryan Kelly is a former Chief Inspector at Victoria Police, and former president of the Victoria Police Legacy. In 1980 he was awarded the Queens Police Medal for dedication to the welfare of police families. Kelly was involved in the appointment of some of the first police women to stations outside the CBD, including Springvale. In this interview, Kelly discusses the role he played in employing more police women and reminisces about police women's experiences in the 1970s.

Oral History - Senior Sergeant Myrene Purcell

Victoria Police Museum, Docklands

Digital archive of oral history of former Senior Sergeant Myrene Purcell. Cut for exhibition purposes.

Historical information

Myrene Purcell is a retired Detective and Senior Sergeant with Victoria Police. In 1975 she applied for a transfer to the Criminal Investigation Branch and later trained at the Detective Training School.She was a member of the Sexual Offences Squad, which was the first squad of female officers and detectives, who were to investigate rapes and sexual offences in Victoria. In this interview, Purcell discusses her training, career and experiences of discrimination.

Oral history - Senior Sergeant Joan Paffett and Edna Meadows

Victoria Police Museum, Docklands

Digital archive of oral history of former police women Joan Paffett and Edna Meadows (nee Fyfe). Cut for exhibition purposes.

Historical information

Joan Paffett and Edna Meadows (nee Fyfe) are former police women. Joan Paffett was Senior Sergeant 15275. During her service she supervised other police women, including the all female squad in the early 1970s. Edna Meadows, registered number 15484, began her career as a nurse but later joined Victoria Police. Both women were the only women in their squads and began their careers with the Women Police Division at Russell St. In this interview they discuss their experiences joining the force and training

Oral history - Sergeant Eileen Rainford

Victoria Police Museum, Docklands

Digital archive of oral history of former police woman Eileen Rainford. Cut for exhibition purposes

Historical information

Eileen Rainford is a retired Sergeant who joined Victoria Police as one of only eight police women in 1952. Born in England, she served with Liverpool police, patrolling the docks, prior to moving to Australia. Speaking numerous languages, including Polish and German, Rainford worked as a translator and radio broadcaster during and after the second world war. On moving to Australia Rainford joined Victoria Police, where as one of only eight policewomen, she noted a major difference in public attitude towards women working in the force. In this interview, Rainford reflects on these different attitudes and her roles at numerous stations.