Historical information

Formerly known as Hotch Potch, FedPress is the student publication of Federation University Australia. FedPress is a space for students to showcase their written and visual talents. The editorial team aim to inform, inspire, and entertain. We are looking for a range of different creative individuals — journalists, reviewers, poets, designers, artists, and photographers — to submit content.

FedPress Magazine prints four issues a year and is distributed across FedUni's Ballarat, Wimmera and Gippsland campuses.

Physical description

PDFs of the Federation University Magazine 'fedpress'. Hardcopy of the following years:
Issue No 3, October 2014 (Rianh Silvertree, Mathew Lambrou, India McGee, Kayla Elizabeth Stone, Amber Dance, Australian University Games,Amphipipolis Tomb)
Issue 4, February 2015 (Kayla Elizabeth Stone. Clubs and Societies, Monash University Gippsland Student Union, Federation University Football Club, Student Senate, Student Connect, Kaitlyn Ashmore,
Issue 5, April 2015 (Ellen Sabo, Sexual Education, Gippsland Campus, Monash Campus, Sammy Desai, Zach Mullane, Feduni Living Kakoda Trek)
Issue 6, 2015 (Southern University Games, Student Senate, Memories of War Project, Survivors of Suicide, Gippsland Campus, Lucinda Horrocks, Exam Information For Students, Tania McMullenNational Student Leadership Workshop, Mining Games, AUSIMM, The History of MMO, FEdUnied Soccer)
Issue 7, July 2015 (PASS - Peer Assisted Study Sessions, Mad Swan Productions, Student Senate, Adam Bignold, Rainh Silvertree, Rebecca Fletcher, Pietro Angeli)
Issue 9, October 2015 (Student Senate, Jeannie King, Australian Space Agency, S. Hooley, Rebecca Fletcher, Animal Rights, Breanna Alexander, Pietro Angeli, Jody Dontje, Amanda Mill, Frank Gartlan. Joel King)
Issue No 10, 2016 (Unibar, Stone Cutters, Australian Hospitality, Jogy Dontje, Jess Kelly, Pietro Angeli, Getting Through Semester One, Online Student understanding, Liana Skewes, Brianna MacDonald, Student Services, Student Senate, S. Hooley, HECS Help, Ashleigh Dyer, Six things that can cost you easy marks, Laura McLachlan, Surviving grief, Theahna CoburnTenneill Pearl, Rochelle Jardine, Zach Mullane, Dakota Richards, Survival Guide, Scarlette Baum)
Issue No 11, May 2016 (Rebecca Fletcher, Joshua Paddon, Hooliganism, Catherine Elliott, Fedpress School of Rock, Dakota Richards, Zach Mullane, Scalette Baum, Clubs, Societies, Sport, FedUni Ultimate Frisbie Club, Geolgoy, Dean DiQuinzio, FedUni Geology Society, Sebastian Wolfe)
Issue No 12, 2016 (Crows, Joshua Paddon, Sarah McLean, Fandom, Learn Another Language, Laura McLachlan, Planes, Pietro Angel, Cover Co, mpetition, Megan Corder, Jess Kelly, The Secret Life of Post-Grad Students, Cale Hellyer, What I hate about Facebook, Damian Brown, National Student Vounteer Week, Premnath Chakarvarty, Selin Kasif, Brendan Caffrey, Senate Six, Fed United, Awards, Ultimate Frisbee, Ashleigh Dyer, Cassandra Lovett, Rochelle Jardine, Dakota Richards, Freya Fogliani)
Issue No 13, 2016
Issue No. 14, February 2017
Issue No. 15, May 2017 (James Charlton, Rebecca Fletcher, Timothy Kirkham, Mohammad Sami Baardarani, Lajan Maharjan, Jennifer Pont, Kate Williams, Damian Brown, Matthew James, Zoe Ormiston, Freya Fogliani, Myles Hema, Jess Powell)
Issue No. 17, October 2017 (Jack Barnes, Damian, Syed Zain Ali, Molly Irvine, Rebecca Fletcher)
Issue No. 18, February 2018 (Submission Dates, Guidance for the Shell-Shocked Graduates, Pills, Shark, How to be a Writer, Climate Summit)
Issue No. 21, October 2018 (Bianca Bedford, Kelsey Knight, Laura Benney, Rainbow Collective, Smartphone, Sarah McLean, Monique Stephens, Clare Hartigan, Liam Carter)
Issue No. 22, March (2018) 2019 (Elizabeth McCracken, Troy Anthony Platt, Liam Carter, O.R. Brayne, Dakota Powell, Elizabeth McCracken, Dan Schweinzer, Jordyn Presley, Sarah McLean, Bianca Bedford, Bronwyn Nel, Beck Small, Tara Parada)
Issue No. 23, July 2019 (Beck Small, Jasmyne Tziziras, Jodie Flower-Russell, Maxwell Waterhouse, Dhogaluxmi Chemen, Alisha Hendrick, Elizabeth McCraken, Trent Bowes, Will La Grue, Laura Benney, Sir Troy Anthony Platt, Harrod Boadie, Kathryn Drum, Jordyn Presley, Bianca Bedford, Bronwyn Nel, Olly Brayne, Cherise Oosthuizen, Chloe Waddell, Nyalat Pel Kun, Autism
Issue No 25 (April 2021) (Jesse Noonan-Wade, Laura Wilson, Chloe Hopkins, Jordyn Presley, Ruby Sait, Lauren Johnson, Kymberley Loats, Darren Rout, Maddison Gill, Baklava, Covid-19 pandemic, exercise