Historical information

St. Matthew's Church has historic significance as the town's church and physical and social focus for the community. The standard design buildings are good examples and important streetscape elements. The war memorial cross is the area's monument to the 20th century wars and its modest scale in comparison with the granite Eltham and towered Kangaroo Ground memorials illustrates the lack of affluence in the town and surrounding area. The grouping of church, school, store and post office is typical of country villages throughout Victoria. The Radiata Pine plantings are significant as an intact line of shelterbelt planting typical of the early 20th century. (Bick Study 1992)

Covered under Heritage Overlay, Nillumbik Planning Scheme.

Published: Nillumbik Now and Then /‚Äč Marguerite Marshall 2008; photographs Alan King with Marguerite Marshall.; p63


This collection of almost 130 photos about places and people within the Shire of Nillumbik, an urban and rural municipality in Melbourne's north, contributes to an understanding of the history of the Shire. Published in 2008 immediately prior to the Black Saturday bushfires of February 7, 2009, it documents sites that were impacted, and in some cases destroyed by the fires. It includes photographs taken especially for the publication, creating a unique time capsule representing the Shire in the early 21st century. It remains the most recent comprehenesive publication devoted to the Shire's history connecting local residents to the past.

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