While museums have traditionally aspired to collect “the real thing” and to create repositories of tangible evidence of our collective past, the essence of this project and its emerging collection was in making real the intangible through personal stories, symbols, and metaphors – giving form to matters of the heart. A new kind of museum practice was therefore needed.

Dale‐Hallett, Carland and Fraser in "Sites in Trauma: Contemporary Collecting and Natural Disaster"

The fires of February 2009 left an indelible mark on the histories of Victoria’s community collecting organisations; whether through blackened ash markings or by the absence of once cherished objects and ephemera.

This exploration of Victoria’s collecting response to the Black Saturday bushfires is inspired by Liza Dale‐HallettRebecca Carland and Peg Fraser’s reflections on the Victorian Bushfires Collection project, in 'Sites of Trauma: Contemporary Collecting and Natural Disaster'.