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Book - Stanhope News

From the Collection of Melbourne Legacy 293 Swanston Street Melbourne Victoria

Notebook used to store photos, notes and newspaper clippings about Stanhope and the reunions held. Blue cover held on with red tape.
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stanhope, residences, dorothy vines
Historical information
A book compiled about the Legacy children's residence called Stanhope. It includes photos of junior legatees and names and addresses used to contact past residents about the reunions held each year. Also newspaper clippings about significant events for the residents.
Examples include when the junior legatees graduated from their courses, such as pharmacy or nursing. Also when girls had married and had children.
Stanhope was supervised by Matron Dorothy (Dorrie) Vines from the time it opened in 1946 until it closed. It is possible she compiled this notebook as she is referred to as 'self' in one photo..
Individual pages of photos or newspaper clippings have been added separately. Items 01817 to 01834.

Blamey House (purchased 1947) , Stanhope (purchased 1945) and Harelands (purchased 1950) were residences run by Melbourne Legacy to take care of children whose fathers were servicemen, and who may have been left orphans, or whose mother may have been unable to care for them herself, or they needed to stay in Melbourne for further education.
Harelands accommodated boys and girls under the age of 14, Blamey House looked after boys over 14, and Stanhope looked after girls over 14. The children were cared for until they were old enough to become independent.
A record of life at Stanhope that was compiled during the years it was operating. A great example of the impact the residence and care had on the lives of the junior legatees.
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