Historical information

Carter Real Estate Agents sold some of the subdivision in 1946-47. This information was tied in with the early orcharding families.

Physical description

Collection of notes, titles and maps of "Jewel in the Crown" subdivision - Mount Dandenong Road (formerly Oxford Road), Velma Grove, Valda Avenue, Mirabel Avenue. Genealogical charts of Meyland and Wigley families. 4 page history of the area compiled in 2004 by Richard Carter, Real Estate Agent.
Registered Proprietors, Vendors, Property Title Holders and Transferees include:
Herbert Edward WATSON, John Richard SHARP, Myrtle Evelyn BIRRELL, Marie Mathieson MUNRO, William Alex McCLELLAN, George Andrew GOODMAN, Joseph Tasman PEDRAZZI, Alexander ANDERSON, John Charles PATERSON, Eric William PHILLIPS, T.E.A. Co. Ltd., Florence Lavinia WYNARD, William John HARRIS, Lindsay and Hazel ALLNUTT, Douglas John RITCHIE, Eliza A.M. BOURBAND, Henrietta Irene COOK, Eric Edward COOK, Harold Thomas NICHOLLS, Stewart and Mary HIRD, Grace ROBINSON, Helen Rutherford GOOD, Henry Wyatt FARRELL, Irene Ann SMITH, Leslie Neil DOW, Helen Anne DOW, Frederick Ronald HOLDING, John Frederick McINTYRE, Horton Wilcox EDGE, Herbert James HARDINGHAM, Donald James ALLEN, Cyril Frederick WILLIAMS, Florence Sarah MAGGS, Maud Margaret PEARSON, Warwick Scott Holroyd MATTHEWS, Alice Eliza McCLEAVE, Leslie Archibald Charles HARRIS, Enid Beth HARRIS, Roy Victor DRAEGER, Elizabeth Ann STANDLEY, Charles Walter WATSON, Mabel Dorothy CARTER, Alan Garnett KELLY, Michael Vincent HARRIS, William Thomas Sylvester PROUD, Florence Blanche IVES, Douglas George PEARSON, Harry Clifford CLEGG, Dorothy Ellen Mary WHITE, Frederick Nathaniel EVANS, Madge EVANS, Leonard DUNSTAN, Violet Florence CONNELL, Valerie Jean Schimmelbusch, John Sydney COOK, William Donald THOMPSON, Ralph E RAUNSLEY, Murray McRae OSBORN, Francis William CLARKE, Alfred Daniel WILLIAMS, Harry Clifford CLEGG, Bernard Francis GARRY, Richard McKENZIE, Mignor Leonie WESTON, Idonea Moncrieffe DAVIS, Helen Marsden Rutherford GOOD, George SMART, Clement Henry DAVIS, Peter FINLAYSON, Elenor Leah HARVIE, Charles MEYLAND.