Physical description

Development of Coolooli Estate with property titles and leaflets for the sale of "Byways" homestead, 4 Byways Drive, Ringwood East. Also the house at 9 Walhalla Drive, Ringwood East. Correspondence between David Best and Richard Carter re the estate. Coolooli subdivision includes lots fronting Isabel Avenue, Byways Drive, Coolooli Court, Walhalla Drive and Cleland Street.
Property Titleholders include:
George Blood
William Chelman Thurgood
Frederick Deine Laurie
Arthur Wigley
Charles Patterson
Mary Aphra Patterson
John Douse Langley
August DiGilio
Kenneth Ross Landy
Mervyn MacPherson Brewer
Richard Blennenhassett Best
Jessie May Cleland
John Brian Little
Robert William Campbell
Lynette Marie Campbell
Lorraine Ruby Campbell
David Charles Nicholls
Barbara Janette Nicholls
Ian Finlay Packer
Nellie Packer