Historical information

Newspaper article: Diamond Valley Leader, 27 April 2005, No to car wash.
Letter 25 July 2005 from Minter Ellison Lawyers attaching VCAT notice of adjournment.
Letter 5 September 2005 re Application for review of Application for Review P1036/2005.
Letter 6 September 2005 from Apex Building Design Studio to Minter Ellison Lawyers re carwash development.
Newspaper article: Diamond Valley Leader 20 February 2007, Gateway 'blob' bid fails test, Nillumbik Council rejected plan for 3 story building, 12 offices, ship, 8 homes.
Notice of Decision to Refuse to Grant a Permit, Application 191/2023/02P, Nillumbik Shire Council, 4 Oct 2023

Physical description

Miscellaneous clippings, notes, photocopies, etc held on the subject property.