Historical information

Donation made on behalf of Surrey Hills Primary School. A second lesser copy was donated at a much earlier date.

Physical description

A 59 page informal history of Surrey Hills State School, No 2778. To quote the authors: "we have not used footnotes, nor a bibliography; and we have used reminiscence without always ensuring that facts and dates are strictly accurate." The book is richly illustrated with photos, excerpts of student work and other ephemera. It is not indexed. Headings are: Beginnings, The Cadet Corps, Head Teacher Bennett, School Days 1900-1925, War Time & Beyond, The Mothers' Club, Childhood Illness, School Days in '30s, Expansion, PWD Problems, Depression and Wartime, Post War Crowding, memories, Mr Wheeler, Migrants, Royal Tours, Pedestrian Crossings, The Canteen, Craft Room, Sports Days, Acquisition of Mr Prior's House, Parents Right to Know, Social Service, School Committee, Concerts & Balls, Mothers' Club to Parents' Club, Library, More PWD Problems, Changes, Camps, Recent Principals. This copy includes a copy of the Centenary Weekend Programme which has been stuck inside the front cover.