Physical description

Photograph of Foundation stone for Ringwood State School No. 2997 was laid by Mrs. J.K. Turnbull on 15th August, 1889, marking the opening of the school situated in Whitehorse Road at the corner of Ringwood Street (1889-1922). Mrs. Turnbull was the wife of the Ringwood Station Master. The stone was removed after the school closed in 1922 and re-laid in 1962 by the School Committee at this subsequent Greenwood Avenue school site and is pictured here being viewed near the entrance in 1973 by Mr. Ron Pullin, Archivist, Ringwood Historical Research Group".

Inscriptions & markings

Sign below photograph reads, "Foundation stone of Ringwood State School (late Ringwood St.). Now in grounds of Greenwood Avenue Ringwood State School". Inscription on stone, "This foundation stone was laid by Mrs. J.K. Turnbull on 15th August 1889". Printed on plaque below stone, "No.2997 - Ringwood State School 1889-1922. Situated in Ringwood Street, East Side sixty yards north of Maroondah Highway. Foundation stone removed 19?? re-erected by the School Committee 1962".