Physical description

Black and white photograph - Grade 4A, 1955

Inscriptions & markings

"Attached to photograph"
Back Row- L to R: M Corin, T Seagren, I Weist, D Sjogren, I Simpson, B Steegstra, B Cain, N Miller, ? Fitzpatrick, P Hill, ?, G Frazer, B Short, T Coutes, B Stevenson, P White, ?.
2nd Row - L to R: M Johnson, R Harris, S Dorman, H Trout, ?, W Marriner, ?, F Hackett, ?, ?, ?, L Corbett, R Thompson, V Pincock, I Wilton, L Sumpter.
3rd Row - L to R: I Marshall, N Maclarty, C Pavey, F Lillywhite, E Dexter, S King, ?, M Milne, ?, H Boyle, ?, B Stewart, J Smalley, K Sterling, Olwyn Hayes, ?, ?, I Clarksen.
Front Row - L to R: D Richards, B Bangay, A Byrne, B Cooper, D Bolton, J Forbes, R Jenkins, R Albert, R Galfred, ?.
Teacher: Mr Smith