Physical description

Black and white photograph with student names

Inscriptions & markings

"Attached to photograph"
Back Row- L to R: Gary Chappell, Stephen Foster, ?, Russell Paine, Craig Rawson, Gary Ladiges, Gary Davies, Mark Dash.
2nd Row- L to R: ?, Judy Littlepage, Grace King, Barbara McDonald, Anne Joyce, Meg Flowers, Anne Downey, Vicki Munro, Laura Simpson, Christine Schruum, Jennifer Johnson, John Grayling.
3rd Row- L to R: Robin Hagar, Grant (?), Lynette Milne, Anne Dowling, Julie Cook, ?, Rosilyn Scully, Janet Quinn, Cheryl McLaughlin, ?, ?, Michael Thwaites.
Front Row- L to R: Greg Jacobs, Michael Craddock, Gary McCubbin, Terry Bacon, ?, ?, ?, Kevin Brown, Craig Austin, Ian Llewelyn.

Teacher: Miss Robinson