Physical description

Black and white photograph - Grade 1C, 1951

Inscriptions & markings

"Attached to photograph"
Back Row- L to R: (?) Oliver, (?) Oliver, John Pottenger, Gary Stewart, ?, ?, Lyndan McKeon, Terry Riley, ?, ?, Ken (?), Peter Tindal.
2nd Row - L to R: Anne Wausherson, ?, Faye Marshall, ?, Carol Hancy, Carol Hampson, Carol Pavey, Diane Close, Sylvia Johnson, Meryn Longmrye.
3rd Row - L to R: Margaret Strachan, Jennifer Young, Ailsa Ralston, Judith Bower, Mary Lloyd, ?, ?, ?, Judith Hill, Phylis Hagen, Annette Harns.
Front Row- L to R: Murray Coulthard, Ray Brown, ?, ?, Peter Connell, ?, Robert Morris.