Physical description

Black and White photo of class group in schoolgrounds..
Handwriiten names are on reverse, but in difficult to read handwriting. The names are difficult to read and not always clear which names match whilch children. (See attached image of reverse of photo)

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten on Reverse:
R to L Backrow: Cliff Di...., Wil Madden, Harry Brown, ?, Alf Richards, Frank Krafft, Sam Brown, George Greenwood, -, Ernie Asper, Geoff Blood, -
Middle: R. Pump, Violet Coffiir, Mollie Delanay, Dorrie Barber, Dorrie Dickson, Evlyn Parka, Lucy Pratt, Gladys Aird, Ella Pump, Dorrie Corrie, Nellie Allmaw, Mabel Curry, Florrie Davidson
------ Vida White, Rita Thomas, Violet Whiter, Thelma Whiter
Front Row: R to L. Will Greenway, Eddie McLean, Les Dickson, Will Corrie, Ray Cooler, Cliff Wagner, Sam Brookes, ----, Willie Lee, Les Davidson
Grade 5 & 6 1915.