Physical description

Black and white photograph - Grade 4, 1950

Inscriptions & markings

"Attached to photograph"
Back Row- L to R: ?, Fred Bover, Peter Bangey, Stewart Howship, Bruce ?, David Lyle, John Allsop, Bob Bomford, Robert Hand, Ronald Young, Leslie McLean, Max Beaver, Geof Hager, Robert Sinclair, Jim Patterson.
2nd Row - L to R: Maureen Dyball, Jennifer Miller, Glenys Lee, Iris Allen, Joy Pease, Irene Parnell, Helen Wigley, Coral Skurrie, Rosalie Read, Janice White, Yvonne Cummings, Jenny Barton, Jeanette Haney, Kathleen Hardingham, Judy Young.
3rd Row - L to R: Pam Johnston, Rosemary Wiggins, Corinna Taylor, Judith Baker, Janice Pateman, Judith Woodworth, Margaret Bennett, Pam McGoldrick, Margaret Mitchell, Norma Springett, Fay Taylor, Heather Taylor, Valerie Martin, Wendy Caughey, Glenys Rackham.
Front Row - L to R: Terry Green, Ralph ?, Graham Huxley, Ray Davidson, Colin Grant, Arthur Doyle, Ian Herd, George Jenkins.