Physical description

Black and white photograph - Grade 1, 1936

Inscriptions & markings

"Attached to photograph"
Back Row - L to R: John Anderson, ?, Ron Dyball, ?, Bill Adolphson, Teddy Wright, ?, ?, Frank Goodall, Keith Dawson, Ron Shearer, ?, ?, Colin Fry.
2nd Row -- L to R: Ray Ringrose, Ken Bartlett, (?) Adicott, Alma Lloyd, ?, ?, Betty Cope,, Rosalie Story, Dorothy Lloyd, Margaret Wilson, Joan Taylor, ?, Elsie Langer, Audrey Fry.
3rd Row - L to R: Jenny Polson, Jean Aird, ?, Connie Hampson, ?, ?, Betty Knee, ?, Jean Pendlebury, Betty Addicoat, June Rowe, Wilma Godfrey, Shirley Murray.
Front Row- L to R: Bobby Jones, Les Flintoff, ?, Graeme Skurry, Billy Wilkins, Don Anderson, Ken Woods, Don Mayes, ?, (?) Flynn, ?.