Physical description

Black and White Photo: Ringwood State School Mother's Club, 1931, pictured with Mr. L.H. Fenton, Head Teacher. Back row L-R: Mrs. Cations, Mrs. Beal, Mrs. Brotherson, Mrs. Weston, Mr. Fenton, (?) , Mrs. Walters, Mrs. Anderson. Front row: (?) , Mrs. Carmichael, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Bryant (President), Mrs. Matlock, Mrs. Benaires, Mrs. Flynn.

Inscriptions & markings

Typed below one copy, "Ringwood S.S. Mother's Club 1931". Written on the back of another copy, "Ringwood State School Mothers Club (Mr. L. H. Fenton, H.T. May 31-Dec 37). Back row - Mrs. Cations, Beal, Brotherson, Weston, Mr. Fenton, ?, Walters, Anderson. Front row - ?, Mrs. Carmichael, Cooper, Bryant (Pres.) Matlock, Benaires, Flynn".