Physical description

Black and white photograph - Group photograph, 1932. From the Weekly Times.

Inscriptions & markings

"Attached to photograph"
Boys recognised - 1932
Charles Moulden, Alan Washusen, (?) Bomford, Ian (?), Reg Hill, Les Anderson, Jim Coombs, Stan Wilkins, Bob Prince, Bill Brown, (?) Tasker, Herbert Washusen, John Anderson, (?) Steer, Ted Dufty, Doug Jamieson, Norm Bissett, (?) Flintoff, Ken Ward, Lyndon Peake, Norm Jamieson, David Allen, Norm Hone, Tom Sampson, Fred Johnston, George Gunn, Ray Minahan, Fred Adolphson, Robert Adolphson, Geoffrey Alexander Read.
Girls recognised - 1932
Gertie Stoel, Grace Wheeler, Alice Stoel, Enid Washusen, Dass Jamieson, Rosemary Jenkins, (?) Mc Alpin, Thelma Flintoff, Nellie Stevens, Gladys Goudge, Beryl Baker, Win Molden, Jenny Rowe, Isobel Gibbs, Lily Cope, Kathie Jackson, Winnie Wilkins, (?) Stawship, Isobell Young, (?) Robbins, Nancy Izard, (?) Hansey, Val Anderson, Grace Clegg, Mary Beilby, Marge Clegg, Josie Roberts, Mary Young, Jessie Walker, Doris Rutter, Ashley (?), Bessie Penn, Viv Martin, Joyce Read, Betty Adolphson.