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Australian National Surfing Museum Torquay, Victoria

Australia’s largest surf and beach culture museum. The first fully accredited surfing museum in the world.

The Australian National Surfing Museum in Torquay celebrates the story of Australian surfing. It also charts Australia's significant contribution to the development of surfing around the world. Through colourful and exciting permanent displays and temporary exhibitions the ANSM commemorates Australia's fantastic surfing heritage and rich beach culture.

Contact Information

77 Beach Road Torquay Victoria 3228 (map)
+61 (03) 5261 4606


Opening Hours

Open 9.00am - 5.00pm 7 days a week (closed Christmas day)

Entry Fee

$8.00 students/concession $12.00 adults $25.00 families


77 Beach Road Surf City Plaza Surfcoast Highway Torquay Victoria

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This collection is owned and managed by the Australian National Surfing Museum and is based in Torquay, Australia’s surfing capital. The museum came about through the vision of Peter Troy who along with his surfing friends Vic Tantau and Alan Reid drove the idea forward, supported by Surfing Australia, the Torquay surfing industry, local businesses and the Geelong Regional Commission. The museum opened its doors in December 1993. The collection documents over 100 years of the Australian surfing story and commemorates Australia's surfing heritage and rich beach culture. It also charts Australia's significant contribution to the development of surfing around the world. The collection includes artifacts and memorabilia relating to many surfing themes: surfboards, clothing, historical images, surf movies and music, and archival materials.


This collection documents and preserves for future generations, the history and culture of surfing, one of Australia’s most popular sports and recreations. It also charts Australia's significant contribution to the development of surfing around the world. The collection is a key resource for the activities of the Australian National Surfing Museum, recognized by the International Surfing Association as a one of the world’s most significant centres of world surfing heritage.

Rod Worthington 15 November 2018 9:12 AM

I was looking for the CREST logo that Bruen Finey had put on his longboards when he had his own business. Thanks. Rod

Craig Baird 15 November 2018 9:16 AM

Hi Rod, I am unfamiliar with that manufacturer or label. Perhaps you could try that has a manufacturers index. Cheers,

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Video Clip - The Story of the Bells Beach Bell

Short webclip featuring Joe Sweeney describing how he makes the iconic Bell trophy each year for the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach. Duration: 01.48

Historical information

The Bells Beach contest trophy is one of the most widely recognised sporting trophies in the world. Joe Sweeney has been making the trophy for the Bells Beach surfing contest since the late 1970's. It has been won four times by Australian surfer Mark Richards and American surfer Kelly Slater.


The Bells Beach trophy is an iconic surfing artefact. To ring the trophy at Bells Beach at Easter is something all professional surfers aspire to achieve once in their professional careers.

Australian National Surfing Museum, Torquay

Video Clip - Bells Beach - Big Easter Sunday 1965

Bells Beach - Big Easter Sunday 1965 is a short video which features an interview with Torquay surfer/photographer Barrie Sutherland describing the huge surf at the 1965 Bells Beach Surfing Contest. The video also features a number of photographs by Barrie Sutherland taken on Easter Sunday 1965. Duration: 03.28 Available as an MP4 Video.

Historical information

On Easter Sunday 1965 competitors in the Bells Beach Surfing Contest were greeted with the sight of 15-18 foot waves marching into Bells Beach. Riding 9-10 foot boards with no legropes the bravery of many surfers was challenged on this day. A day when reputations were made.


Easter Sunday 1965 went down in Australian surfing history as the day when the largest waves were ridden in a surf contest outside of Hawaii. It was a significant day in establishing the reputation of Bells Beach as a big wave surfing location.

Inscriptions & Markings

Surf World Museum logo, Bells Gold logo

Australian National Surfing Museum, Torquay