Historical information

This album was created in approximately 1972 as part of a project by the Caulfield Historical Society to assist in identifying buildings worthy of preservation. The album is related to a Survey the Caulfield Historical Society developed in collaboration with the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) and Caulfield City Council to identify historic buildings within the City of Caulfield that warranted the protection of a National Trust Classification.
Principal photographer thought to be Trevor Hart, member of Caulfield Historical Society. Most photographs were taken between 1966-1972 with a small number of photographs being older and from unknown sources. All photographs are black and white except where stated, with 386 photographs over 198 pages.
As at 22/08/2021, 51 Seymour Road is included in the HO179 Beemery Park Precinct which C204glen Amendment seeks to add to the Glen Eira Planning Scheme (amongst others). This is not yet finalised. Bellecourt (so named in 1989 according to Andrew Ward's Heritage Study) was originally named Beemery.


Victorian Heritage Database HO62 Bellecourt 85 Seymour Road ELSTERNWICK
https://vhd.heritagecouncil.vic.gov.au/places/35585 (as of 22/08/2021)
"Beemery" at 85 Seymour Road, is an imposing ltalianate villa with arcaded asymmetrical facade built in 1891 for Charles Langdon. It has aesthetic, historical and social significance.

Its aesthetic value rests with the facade which is highly representative of a not uncommon villa form of the late Victorian period. Its historical value derives from its association with the Langdon family in Caulfield (compare "Rosecraddock", "Tarqua" and "Hengar"). Its social value derives from its ability to demonstrate a lifestyle in late Victorian Caulfield.

Physical description

Page 190 of Photograph Album with four photographs of two different properties on Seymour Road.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten: Seymour Road [top right] / 51 [under top left photo] / 51 [under top right photo] / 85 [under bottom left photo] / 85 [under bottom right photo] / 190 [bottom right]