Historical information

This photograph is part of the Caulfield Historical Album 1972. This album was created in approximately 1972 as part of a project by the Caulfield Historical Society to assist in identifying buildings worthy of preservation. The album is related to a Survey the Caulfield Historical Society developed in collaboration with the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) and Caulfield City Council to identify historic buildings within the City of Caulfield that warranted the protection of a National Trust Classification.
Principal photographer thought to be Trevor Hart, member of Caulfield Historical Society. Most photographs were taken between 1966-1972 with a small number of photographs being older and from unknown sources. All photographs are black and white except where stated, with 386 photographs over 198 pages.


From Victorian Heritage Database citation for Lirrewa - HO39 Tarqua and Stables, 1-3 Lirrewa Grove Caulfield South
https://vhd.heritagecouncil.vic.gov.au/places/120932 (as at 26/10/2020)
"Tarqua", now "Lirrewa", is situated at nos. 1-3 Lirrewa Grove, Caulfield South, and was built in 1886 for Montague William Langdon, son of the merchant Joseph Henry Langdon of nearby "Rosecraddock". It is historically and aesthetically significant. It is historically significant (Criterion A) as one of the Langdon family residences, comparing in Glen Eira also with "Rosecraddock" at 10 Craddock Avenue (1857) and "Hengar" at 356 Glen Eira Road (1889-90). It is aesthetically significant (Criterion E) for its capacity to demonstrate the stylistic influences prevailing at the time especially for substantial residences. At "Tarqua", the design acknowledges the prevailing popularity of the Italian Style in the shallow hipped roof form and symmetrical facade as well as the picturesque Gothic Revival style demonstrated especially by the use of pointed arches, fretted barges and the battlemented parapeted section. This latter style was particularly attractive to persons of means on account of its English precedents, the combination of influences being skillfully handled in this instance.

Physical description

Page 120 of Photograph Album with six photographs (all landscape) of views of Lirrewa, mostly including its garden.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten: "Lirrewa" 1-3 Lirrewa Grove [top right] / 120 [bottom right]