Historical information

This photograph is part of the Caulfield Historical Album 1972. This album was created in approximately 1972 as part of a project by the Caulfield Historical Society to assist in identifying buildings worthy of preservation. The album is related to a Survey the Caulfield Historical Society developed in collaboration with the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) and Caulfield City Council to identify historic buildings within the City of Caulfield that warranted the protection of a National Trust Classification.
Principal photographer thought to be Trevor Hart, member of Caulfield Historical Society. Most photographs were taken between 1966-1972 with a small number of photographs being older and from unknown sources. All photographs are black and white except where stated, with 386 photographs over 198 pages.


Victorian Heritage Database - Hotham Street Road Overbridge HO116 Heritage Overlay - City of Glen Eira
https://vhd.heritagecouncil.vic.gov.au/places/43557 (as of 04/07/2021)
The Hotham Street road overbridge is located on the Sandringham railway line between Ripponlea and Elsternwick railway stations. It is presumed to have been built by contractors Sharp and Campbell who signed a contract on 25th . November, 1881 to construct a second line of railway between Windsor and Elsternwick. This contract was completed during 1882 and the bridge may have been designed in the year when Robert Watson took over from William Elsdon as engineer in chief for the Victorian railways. It is historically, aesthetically and technically significant.

It is historically significant (Criterion A) to the extent that it demonstrates the standards of construction adopted by the Victorian Railways Department when it rebuilt the lines acquired from the private railway companies, (compare the Geelong and Melbourne Railway Co's line from Newport to Geelong, acquired in 1860). It is aesthetically significant (Criterion E) as an intact nineteenth century structure of its type, many similar girder bridges having been renewed with concrete girders in recent years. The bluestone abutments demonstrate high standards of stone masonry and are representative of Departmental work of the period. This bridge forms one of a group of historic structures on the railway to Brighton Beach and therefore contributes to the line's cultural importance as a whole. The survival of the riveted iron girders with their bellied angle iron struts is important since these elements are representative of the civil engineering practices of the Victorian Railways at the time and constitute the technical significance (Criterion F) of the structure.

Physical description

Page 96 of Photograph Album with three photographs (one portrait and two landscape) from Hotham Street - two external views of one house and a railway bridge.

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten: Hotham Street [top right] / 112 HOTHAM ST [under top left photo] / BRIDGE OVER SANDRINGHAM RAILWAY [under top right photo] / 112 HOTHAM ST CNR MELBY AVE [under bottom left photo] / 96 [bottom right]