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The second of two reference files on artists in Kew, this file including research and printed copies of a publication by Elizabeth Mackie, ‘The Artists of Kew’ (self-published 1981 - ISBN 0 9594081 0 X). The publication is attached to this record as a PDF file, but it should be noted that copyright is still held by the descendants of the author, but may be used and quoted for research purposes. One of the copies in the file of the publication is an ex-library copy and includes an index. The other unpublished material/research is held in copyright by the Kew Historical Society Inc. The files include descriptions, addresses and or dates relating to artists mentioned in the file. Within the file, there is also detailed correspondence and notes from and relating to Gwen Walker, Marguerete Mahood, Stanley Ballard, and Kathlyn Margaret Ballard. Index - ‘The Artists of Kew’ (Mackie E, 1981): Louis Abrahams, Edith Alsop, William Nichols Anderson, Louis Anquetin, Dorothy Baker, Alice [Marion Emily] Bale, Kaye Ballard, Stan Ballard, George Bell, Leila Bell, Charles Bennett, A Bolam, Shirley Bourne, Arthur Boyd, John Brack, Louis Buvelot, Donald Cameron, Robert Camm, Sir Hugh Casson, S Cochrane, Alexander Colquhoun, Amalie Colquhoun, Archibald D Colquhoun, Beatrice Colquhoun, Elizabeth Colquhoun, George Colville, Charles Conder, Colin Coulihan, Noel Counihan, David Cox, Sir William Dargie, Isobel Davies, Miss De Mole, L Dunn, Frank Emery, Albert Enes, Alma Figuerola, W H Fitchett, Paul Fitzgerald, George Frederick Folingsby, E Phillips Fox, William Frater, John Frith, Miss Fullwood, Alistair Cameron Gray, Harley Griffiths, Gilda Gude, Nornie Gude, Dora Hake, Elsie Bernard Hall, Robert Hannaford, John Hassell, Carl Hempel, Harold Herbert, June Hobart, Kenneth Jack, Jean Jeffery, Cliff Judge, Lois Kahan, William Kearney, Percy Leason, Bastien Le Page, J Lewis, Norman Lindsay, Percy Lindsay, Sir John Longstaff, John Loxton, Arthur Loureiro, Gordon McCrae, Frederick McCubbin, Herchfield Mack, Alan Martin, Karlis Mednis, Max Meldrum, Bertha Merfield, Anne Montgomery, David Moore, Lillian Morrison, Carl Nelson, Sydney Nolan, Ambrose Patterson, Lawrence Scott Pendelbury, John Percival, John Perry, W Pinderson, Marie Pinschoff, John Piper, J Reverdy, Tom Roberts, James Robertson, John Russell, Jan Hendrik Scheltema, Arnold Shore, Joseph Simpson, Joy Stewart, Sir Arthur Streeton, Jane Sutherland, Ruth Sutherland, Evelyn Syme, Eric Thake, Isobel Thorn, Albert Tucker, Tudor St George Tucker, Isobel Tweddle. Other artists noted in file include: Marguerete Mahood, Leopoldine Mimovich, Julius Wentscher, Tina Wentscher, Sigismonde Zacutti, Napier Waller, Percy Gair, Stuart Warmington, Len Annois, Margaret Baskerville, Clara Southern, Andre Maszaros, Michael Maszaros, Walter Withers, Edith Ussher, Arthur Wills, Douglas Annand, and Gwen Walker.