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Subject file containing published and unpublished secondary sources / research about individuals and families buried in the Boroondara General Cemetery. Conglomerate files include: William Walton & family, Memories of the Linton Family (Lyne, J.A., 1997), and Sir Robert Wilson Knox (1934, 1969, 1973). There are notes and or photocopied information on Joseph Bosesto (1824-89), David Beath (1835-1922), Sir Robert Molesworth (1806-189?), Samuel Dougan Bird (1832-1904), Alexander Morrison, William Henry Archer ((1825-1909), Sir William Murray McPherson (1865-1932) and Sir Leo Cussen (1859-1933). The file also includes a single newspaper article/clipping on the burial of Sir Robert Knox (The Age, 1973). Held separately to this file is the Dorothy Rogers manuscript listing information inscribed on headstones of prominent citizens of Kew, with her annotations on these inscriptions.