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In 1960, the City of Kew celebrated its centenary. It had been constituted a separate municipality in 1860 following its separation from the Kew Roads Board. The Kew Historical Society had been founded in 1958 to assist in the celebration of the anniversary. The Society’s main contribution was to author a 24-page booklet on Kew’s history. The Information file contains a copy of the book and a later separate index of its contents. Various copies of the book record their donor’s names - Margaret Bertuch (2005), Mr Keith Hobson (2007), Betty Huston. The file also contains a detailed three-page signed manuscript/typescript by Dorothy Rogers, noting her ‘Impressions of Functions During the Centenary, Kew, 13th to 18th December 1961’. The commentary lists all formal events during this period, including performances. Also in the file is an original copy of the order of business of the Committee of the Whole Council (23 Apr 1960), copies of centenary editions of newspapers (The Outer Circle Mirror 13 Dec 1960; The Free Press 18 Dec 1960 - donated by Margaret Bertuch)