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A large subject file containing original primary sources and a range of secondary sources including published and unpublished histories of the church or its parts. The earliest item is a Sunday School Association Certificate issued to Amy Grigg in 1899. Publications by the Church include ‘Holy Trinity Church Kew Jubilee Souvenir 1863-1913’ (1913) [which includes a chronicle of events], ‘Holy Trinity Church Kew 70 Years 1863-1933), ‘Holy Trinity Church Kew Restoration and Continuity of Worship - Stewardship Review’ (1974), ‘Centenary Holy Trinity Church of England Kew’ (1963), ‘150th Anniversary of the First Service in this Building March 5, 1863’ (2013). Other published histories include two copies of: McFarlane, G., Memories in Glass: Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Kew. The file also includes unpublished monographs about the church (Mavis Rolley, 1980). The file also includes various leaflets and orders of service.