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Archive File - Fairview, 34 Wrixon Street (Kew)

From the Collection of Kew Historical Society Inc Level 1, Kew Court House 188 High Street Kew Victoria

Archive file containing information about Fairview (built 1924) for F.F. Robinson, proprietor of Yarra Falls Mills. The house replaced an earlier single-storey brick house, also called Fairview. A comprehensive report prepared by Alan Willingham in 2006 found that there was no evidence that the architect Desbrowe-Annear incorporated parts of the original building in the new construction. The work by Willingham is a ‘Cultural and Architectural History and Assessment of the Cultural Heritage Significance’ of the building, prepared for Carey Grammar School. The Willingham report was donated by Sr Ruth Anderson.
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kew (vic) - history, fairview - 34 wrixon street - kew (vic), cluny house - 34 wrixon street - kew (vic), f.f. robinson, alan willingham, harold desbrowe-annear
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Since its foundation in 1958, members of the Kew Historical Society have been compiling and storing information about subjects relating to the history of Kew and its environs, of which this file is an example. Typically files will contain primary and secondary sources.
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