Kew Historical Society


Since its foundation in 1958, members of the Kew Historical Society have been compiling and storing information about subjects relating to the history of Kew and its environs, of which this file is an example.


Secondary values


'Bella Vista' was a large Federation house built in 1902 which occupied the eastern corner of Thomas Street and Cotham Road. The house was built for Abel Hoadley who died in 1918. In 1937 Augustus Beker opened the property as a guest house named 'Malinda' Guest House. This closed in 1940. In 1941, the land was subdivided into four lots. During the 1940s, Fr. Maas opened a hostel for Dutch Catholic immigrants in the house. The house has now been demolished. The subject file contains an auction notice for the sale of Malinda in 1941 along with correspondence from 2016 detailing background information, a timeline of the demolition of th those, the name of the original owner, and other uses of the house's name.